Cialis and ViagraOf the ED medications that have been approved today, Viagra and Cialis are the most popular and effective. Both are mainly prescribed for erectile dysfunctions in the affected men. Both employ closely related modes of action. However, the two have their differences, which any user should be familiar with.

Active ingredients

Viagra is actually a brand name. The active ingredient in Viagra is an inhabitant chemical known as sildenafil. It is the chemical component mainly responsible for almost all the effects and side produced by Viagra. Initially sildenafil citrate was being developed as a cure remedy for pulmonary hypertension.

Cialis is a brand name too. The active ingredient in all genuine Cialis pills is a chemical agent known as tadalafil. It in this case is also responsible for all the effects and side effects felt after taking Cialis.

Mode of action

Viagra works by improving the general blood circulation of blood. This is achieved by causing a relaxation effect and widening of blood vessels. Viagra takes effects after about 45 minutes after ingestion.

Cialis produces its effects in a similar manner as Viagra. It causes a smooth and improved blood flow in a patient’s body. Cialis takes a maximum of 30 minutes to reach full effects.

Lasting duration

The effects of Viagra can be expected to be felt for a maximum of five hours after the medication has been correctly taken. At any time during that period, the required erection can be achieved. This will however require some sexual stimulation.

The effects of Cialis can be felt as long as 36 hours after the pill has been correctly ingested. For this reason, Cialis has been preferred by people in need of long hours of sex. Just like Viagra, sexual stimulations will be needed to help attain an erection at any period during the 36 hours.

Development and FDA approval

Viagra was first successfully developed in 1998 by the Pfizer Company. In that same year, the drug got an approval from FDA. The approval categorized Viagra as a safe and genuine medication for treating arterial (pulmonary) hypertension.

In 2003, FDA cleared Cialis as an effective and safe medication for treating and dealing with erectile dysfunction. Form the on, the medication have been in market.

Mode of ingestion

Viagra comes in form of pills. The pills should be orally ingested. That means that they can be taken with food or without. Most users prefer to swallow the pills with just a glass of water. Viagra soft tabs have also been developed. These ones are effective for people with digestion and stomach problems. The soft tabs are administered under the tongue, where they dissolve and get absorbed into the blood stream.

Cialis too comes in form of pills. Unlike Viagra, Cialis pills are lesser in size and weight. The pills can be taken in food or just be swallowed with a glass of water.

Available Dosages

Viagra vs Cialis DosagesViagra is available in various different measurement dosages. The smallest and least mild is the 25 mg pill, which is recommended for starters. For Viagra, the most prescribed and recommend dosage is the 50 mg pills. In cases where the desired effects cannot be achieved using the 25 and 50 mg pills, users can move to the 100 mg pill, which is most mild in action. Generic Viagra is available in pills ranging from 20 – 200 mg pills.
Cialis comes in much smaller doses. For Cialis, the largest available pills are the 10 mg pills. This recommended for long time users of Cialis. The 5 mg pills are the average and most recommended for the majority of Cialis users. In both cases, the dosages should be taken as per the instructions provided in the prescription.

Physical appearance

Viagra pills are all blue in color. The pills are also film coated and have an elongated diamond shape. At the corners, Viagra pills are usually round. These are the physical appearances that will make you distinguish Viagra from other ED drugs.
Cialis pills are on the other hand yellow in color. The color sometimes edges towards orange. These pills are almond in shape. On the actual and real Cialis pills, a C mark is embedded, which helps users distinguish them from other ED pills.


The price for Viagra is slightly lower than Cialis. The difference is however not a very significant one. In average, there is only about $1.5 price difference per pill. The prices for Viagra pills are about $46, per pill.

Effects and side effects

Viagra vs Cialis side effectsThe effects of these two ED medications are the same. They both cause an erection in their respective users. However, the effects of Cialis can be felt much longer than for Viagra after ingestion. The side effects differ slightly. For Viagra, headaches are to be expected, indigestion and excessive sweating. For Cialis, the most common side effects include headaches, nausea and vomiting. As expected, the side effect will last as long as the effects of the respective drugs too can be felt. If any prolonged or abnormal side effects are experienced, report to the nearby clinic as soon as possible.


Both Viagra and Cialis require a prescription to use. It is illegal in most of the states and countries to actually buy or distribute Viagra or Cialis without a prescription. This helps ensure that users get the right remedies for their erectile dysfunction conditions. it also helps in the crackdown against fake ED pills distributors and producers.

Facts to remember

  • Cialis and Viagra have been approved by FDA as safe and effective methods to treat ED.
  • Both medications require a prescription.
  • Both can only be used to manage and not practically treat erectile dysfunctions.
  • Both medications should not be taken along with fatty foods, too much alcohol and nitrates drugs.