What is erectile dysfunction?
Erectile dysfunction is a condition in men the causes the inability to achieve the sufficient erection required during sex. It is brought about by conditions that interfere with the normal blood circulation or sexual physical features deformities.

What are the risk factors that increase ED?
Health issues like high blood cholesterol and pressure, obesity, diabetes, hormonal imbalance can contribute to cases of erectile dysfunctions. ED has also been largely attributed to psychological factors like stress and mental anxiety.

Does age increase chances of erectile dysfunctions?
It is more likely that older men will develop erectile dysfunctions compared to their younger counterparts. Especially for men above the age of 60 years, erectile dysfunctions are very common. However, erectile dysfunctions have been reported in young men too. This is usually brought by drug abuse and wrong ideas about sex.

How does Cialis deal with erectile dysfunction?
When ingested, tadalafil, which is the active ingredient in Cialis gets absorbed in the blood system. There, it brings about a relaxation effect to the blood arteries. This works by widening the diameters of the blood arteries. Wide blood arteries and vessels in turn get to circulate blood evenly and effectively thought the body. Since getting an erection very much depends on the amount and efficiency of blood circulation, it will be achieved after these effects of tadalafil.

Are Viagra and Cialis effective enough?
Viagra and Cialis are the most effective ED pills and medications in the market today. When taken with a prescription and at the right amounts, users can be assured of the most effective and desirable effects. The two medications have even been approved by FDA.

What are the common side effects of Viagra and Cialis?
Immediately a user of either of the two drugs is through with sex, they will experience general body weakness or fatigue. This can be dealt with by taking energizing foods and avoiding alcohol and other related drugs. Other side effects include headaches and stomach related discomfort. The discomforts occur due to the digestion of the medication coatings.

Can Viagra and Cialis be used at the same time?
The two drugs should be mused exclusively independent of each other. Taking the two drugs at the same time will only work by reducing their efficiency and increasing the undesired side effects. Even though they cause almost similar effects, the chemical products involved are much different for each other.

Which is better – Cialis or Viagra
It mall depends on the particular user. Cialis has its pros and cons and so does Viagra. It is always good to research about the two medications before going for either. It is not advisable to use the same medication someone else is using just because it’s working in their cases.