Interesting facts about professions: healthiest choices for potency.Have you ever thought about the profession and its possible influence on your health?! In fact, last tests showed that this important part of the lifestyle has an amazing influence on the sexual behavior and male’s health. Today we have the real wide range of available professions and it is will important to observe all of them as the choices which can bring additional power in sex life. In this article, we separated popular professions by two groups (the healthiest for men and wrong choice which brings damage). It will help to make the comparison and make a right choice. Maybe in this list, you will find your profession. So, here we go.

Professions which can bring damage to men’s health

1 – Teacher.
This choice may make you being surprised because in many ratings this profession takes high positions as the sexiest one. Anyway, it is not healthy for men. The explanation is very easy – teacher spends a lot of time in sitting down position. It means that urogenital system can’t have enough of nutrition. As the result, it is possible to find problems with the blood circulation. As you can guess, it brings problems with sex. By the way, this profession means regular contact with the children. It means that this person should have strong nerve system. In the wrong case, too active children without the understanding of the adult life rules can bring real damage to mental health. Mental health plays a huge role in sex too. Without strong mental support, it is impossible to reach the result. So, being a teacher is pretty dangerous for men.

2 – Driver.
This pretty common profession belongs to men who are mad about cars. It means spending long periods of time without movement and as the result, it is easy to guess that drivers are in the risk zone of overweight and problems with potency. It is pretty nervous activity when someone is driving and in the case without the opportunity of emotional exchange, it is possible to bring damage to health and its mental part too.

3 – Policeman.
This profession connects with long sitting in a car too. By the way, it depends on nerve system protection too. Most of the people in this profession spend all their energy at work. As the result, their nerve system is getting damage and their sex life can’t be healthy.

The healthiest for men’s health professions

1 – Sportsmen.
Interesting facts about professions: healthiest choices for potency.The only one exception – chess. All kinds of sport and activity bring amazing positive influence on muscles and whole health status. It means that activity in most of the cases is equal to good men’s health. By the way, sport always brings additional testosterone’s level. Such men are always pretty confident because of their bodies’ perfect shape and increased hormonal activity. They prefer to win and sex is not an exception.

2 – Musician.
Such men always have rich fantasy and they always use this fact in their sex life.

3 – Businessman.
This is a confident man without any obligations to employers. Success and independence always bring amazing result. Such kind of men is always open-minded. Their preferences are always concentrated about women like that.

About exceptions

This list was made on the basis of statistics. It doesn’t mean that there are no exceptions. Sometimes a man can find the special way of his professional presentation and as the result, all negative influences turns positive.

How to make job healthy

In case if you noted that you profession brings you real problems, there are some important pieces of advice:

  • you should try to keep physical activity (It is could be even simple exercises);
  • care about your mental health (avoid all stresses).

Don’t forget that in case if you don’t like your profession it is always possible to change it – your life is in your hands.


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